Kings Post Production

Unleash the Power of Your StoryAt Kings Post, we deliver creative post-production solutions that make your life stress-free. We're not just a company; we're your partners in perfecting your visual masterpiece.

Our Services

Assistant Editing

Our team makes sure that your project runs smoothly from beginning to end.


Add impactful voiceovers performed by professionals to your material.


Harness the power of visual effects to further your story.

Post Supervising

Expertise and guidance to manage the post-production phase of your project.

Offline Editing

Transform raw video into an engaging story that captivates  your viewers.

Colour Grading

With gorgeous, cinematic colour grading, you can enhance your pictures.


Use precise subtitling services to reach a worldwide audience.

Quality Control

Make sure that each frame satisfies the highest requirements for quality.

Sound Design

Create rich soundscapes that give life to your project.

Final Mix

With the help of our cutting-edge mixing skills, you can achieve audio excellence.

Online Editing

Adjust your project with accuracy and grace.

Who We Serve

We cater to the visionaries of film and television production, offering specialized long-form expertise. Our dedication extends to content creators and video producers worldwide.

Your Benefits

Experience high-quality editing and post-production that amplifies your story's impact. Our customized workflows cater to your unique production needs, ensuring your vision shines through.

Our Portfolio

We have rendered a variety of post production services to various productions:

  • Collision (Action Feature)

  • Umbuso S1 (48min Drama)

  • Giyani S1-3 (24min Telenovela)

  • Swartwater S2 (48min Drama)

  • Skeem Saam S2 (48min Drama)

  • Skeem Saam S3 (24min Telenovela)

  • Those Who Can't S2 (24min Comedy)

  • The Docket S1 (48min Crime/ Drama)

  • Keeping Score S1 (24min Telenovela)

  • Ingoma (The Song) (Netflix Feature)

  • The River S2-6 (24min Telenovela)

  • Uzalo S2-8 (24min Telenovela)

  • House of Wide (24min Telenovela)

  • Isibaya S5-6 (24min Telenovela)

  • Yobe S1 (22min Docu-Reality)

  • The Road Less Cycled (Feature film)

  • Heist S1-2 (24min Action/ Drama)

  • Umlilo S1-2 (46min Drama)

  • Hard to Get (Feature Film)

  • The Wife S2-3 (24min Drama)

  • Gomora S1-4 (24min Telenovela)

  • Redemption S1 (24min Telenovela)

  • Durban Gen S1 (24min Telenovela)

  • Isithembiso S2-3 (24min Telenovela)

  • Erased S1 (46min Drama)

  • The Herd S1 (46min Drama)

  • The Queen S1 (24min Telenovela)

  • Swartwater S1 (48min Drama)

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